Travelling to Armenia? It is important to determine if you need a travel adapter or a voltage converter for Armenia plug and power outlets.

Not to worry, we have all the information you need to ensure a problem-free trip.

What type of plug is used in Armenia power outlet?

The plug and power outlets used in Armenia are the type C and type F plugs and sockets. 

Type C socket type has two round pins, while Type F socket type has two round pins, with two earth clips on the side.

The earth clip is the major difference between both plug types. 

Armenia Plug & Power Outlet Type C
Armenia Plug & Power Outlet Type C
Armenia Plug & Power Outlet Type F
Armenia Plug & Power Outlet Type F

What is the voltage and frequency in Armenia?

The standard voltage in Armenia is 230 Volts, while the standard frequency is 50 Hz AC.

Travelers from European countries, the UK, and African countries, as well as countries with a standard voltage between 220 V – 240 V, can make use of electricity in Armenia without concern.

This is a result of the consideration of deviations in standard voltage supply by manufacturers of appliances from these countries.

The case is different for travelers from South America, Canada, and the US, as well as countries with a voltage between 100 Volts and 127 Volts.

The deviation in these countries’ voltage is so much that manufacturers have not made room for it in appliances. As a result, a voltage converter is required.

The voltage converter will come with a power adapter that would most likely not fit the plug type for Armenia, so a traveler adapter will have to be purchased.

Caution should be exercised when using a voltage converter as they come with a maximum power rating.

When appliances with a power rating above the converter’s maximum power rating are used in the converter, a lot of damage may be done. 

The difference in frequency can distort device performance, as appliances tend to work faster than usual when charged with a power source with a frequency different from that of the appliance. 

Not all appliances require a converter, like laptops, mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, e.t.c., can be used with electric supply from anywhere in the world.

This is because these appliances can make charged with voltage and frequency between 100-240V, 50/60 Hz. To be sure your device fall in this category, check its label.

Want to buy a power plug/travel adapter or voltage converter?

The list of travel adapter products and converters available online is endless. However, when you choose a quality travel adapter, you can stay connected to a power source.

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Electricity in Armenia: How does Armenia get its energy?

With no fossil fuel, Armenia relies heavily on nuclear power and hydropower for electricity production.

The country also produces electricity from thermal energy, powered by imported fossil fuel.

A small fraction of its electricity production is produced by Solar and wind energy.

The majority of Armenia’s power supply is privatized and foreign-owned, mainly by American and Russian companies.

The Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia oversees the legislation, administration, and implementation of various sector policies.