It is important to determine if you need a travel adapter or a voltage converter for Benin plug and power outlets.

Not to worry, we have all the information you need to ensure a problem-free trip.

What type of plug is used in Benin power outlet?

The plug and power outlet used in Benin is the type E plug.

The type E has two round pins and can fit in the type C socket and in the type F socket if there’s an additional pinhole.

Benin Plug & Power Outlet Type E
Benin Plug & Power Outlet Type E

What is the voltage and frequency in Benin?

The standard voltage in Benin is 220 V. The standard frequency in Benin is 50 Hz.

For travelers from countries with a standard frequency between 220 – 240 V, such as Australia, the UK, Europe, Africa, and most parts of Asia, electric appliances can be used in Benin with a voltage converter.

This is as a result of the fact that manufacturers take deviations in voltage into account.

Travelers from countries with a standard voltage between 100 – 127 V, such as Canada, the US, and South American countries, a voltage converter will be required to make use of electric appliances in Benin.

However, if the standard voltage of your country differs from that of Benin, it is recommended that you do not make use of your appliances in Benin.

If voltage differences do not exist, appliances can be used only for a limited period, preferably between 1 – 2 hours.

Caution should specifically be exercised when working with time-related appliances such as clocks, fan heaters.

There exist devices that do not have issues with voltage and frequency differences as they cover a wide range of voltage and frequency.

On the label of such devices, it is stated clearly ‘INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz’. That is an indication that the device can be used in all countries.

This is common in the chargers of tablets, cell phones, laptops, photo cameras, and electric toothbrushes.

Want to buy a power plug/travel adapter or voltage converter?

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Electricity in Benin: How does Benin get its energy?

Benin is a country located in the Gulf of Guinea, an area abundant in natural resources, which presents multiple renewable energy sources, much of which are untapped.

This is a result of a lack of development.

Since the first decade of the 21st Benin has improved its electrical generating capability, even though access to electricity is reduced to 40% of the population.

In 2019 of its 349 MW installed electrical generating capability, diesel and fossil power accounts for 249 MW while hydropower accounts for 100 MW.

The country also imports electricity from neighboring Nigeria through the CEB–NEPA Power Interconnection, a 70 KM powerline.