It is important to determine if you need a travel adapter or a voltage converter for Liberia plug and power outlets.

Not to worry, we have all the information you need to ensure a problem-free trip.

What type of plug is used in Liberia power outlet?

The power plugs and outlets used in Liberia are the types A and B plugs.

The type A plug has two parallel flat parallel pins.

Type B plug also has two parallel flat pins but with the addition of a grounding pin.

Liberia Plug & Socket: Travel Adapter Needed?
Liberia Plug & Power Outlet Type A
Liberia Plug & Socket: Travel Adapter Needed?
Liberia Plug & Power Outlet Type B

What is the voltage and frequency in Liberia?

The standard voltage used in Liberia is 120/220 V, while the standard frequency used in Liberia is 50/60 Hz.

The voltage and frequency used in Liberia are dependent on the region, city, or hotel you choose to stay. 

In cases where the local voltage of where you choose to stay is more than the maximum voltage of your electric appliances, a voltage converter is needed.

However, if the local voltage if where you choose to stay is less than the standard voltage of your country, electric appliances can be used in Liberia without voltage converters.

Regarding voltage difference, if the frequency of where you choose to stay in Liberia is different from your country’s standard frequency, it is recommended that electric appliances are not used.

However, if no difference in voltage exists, electric appliances can be used at the owner’s risk but only for a short time.

Caution should be exercised when doing so, especially with time-related, rotating, and moving appliances, as they may not function optimally.

Some appliances are free from voltage issues as they work with all voltages and frequencies.

In the label of these appliances, an inscription such as “INPUT: 100 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz” is written.

These appliances include chargers of laptops, tablets, cell phones, phone cameras, and electric toothbrushes.

Want to buy a power plug/travel adapter or voltage converter?

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Electricity in Liberia: How does Liberia get its energy?

Liberia’s electricity situation is very poor, with 16.8% of urban residents and less than 2% of rural residents having access to electricity.

The country produced its electricity mainly from hydropower and fossil fuels.

Liberia has an installed capability of 126 MW, with hydropower accounting for 88 MW and diesel and HFO accounting for 38 MW.