Electrical Outlets/Sockets & Power Plug Type B
Electrical Outlet & Power Plug Type B

The electrical outlet and power plug type B are widely used in Central America, Japan, Canada, and the USA.

The type B (NEMA 5-15) power plug is grounded and its outlet also works with power plug type A.

In electrical circuits, the type B plug is known as NEMA 5-15. Each of the two pins of the plug is 1.55 mm thick and is 12.7 mm apart.

Each of the pins is 18.3 mm long and 6.3 mm wide. There is also an earth pin with a U shape and a diameter of 4.8 mm. The earth pin is about 3.2 mm longer than the two flat pins.

The presence of the earth pin makes the plug grounded before connection. 

The type B plug has a standard current of 15 A. The middle of the imaginary line between the two middle flat pins a d the grounding pin has a center to center distance of 11.9 mm.

Type B outlets are an uncommon sight in Central America and South America, even though it’s used in the region.

As a result, people improvise by removing the earth pin, thus making the B plug ungrounded with two poles.

Unlike type C, G, I, L, and N plugs, the types A and B plugs do not have black covers towards the plug’s body, and its pins are not sleeved.

Types A and B outlets are not built-in holes in walls, and as a result of their plugs are disconnected halfway, they’ll have electric flow from the socket.

This makes it dangerous, as the distance between the exposed pins, when disconnected halfway, and the receptacle is enough for a person to touch with his hands or a metallic object, leading to electrocution.

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