Electrical Outlet/Socket & Power Plug Type H
Electrical Outlet & Power Plug Type H

Electrical outlet and power plug type H defined in SI 32 (IS16A-R) are used in Israel and Palestine.

The earthed plug rated 16 amps has three round pins, each with a diameter of 4.5 mm. Each pin is 19 mm in length and arranged in a triangular pattern.

The center to center distance between the middle of the imaginary line between the power points and the earthed pin is 9.5 mm.

In modern times, type H sockets can accept type C plugs. The reverse was the case before 1989. This was because the H plug had flat pins.

Type H outlets that were made after 1989 can accept both flat and round pin plugs. The previous model of the H plug with a flat pin is outdated but still used in the Gaza strip and in the West Bank.

Type H outlets cannot accommodate type E and F plugs due to the plug’s diameter. The type E and F plug have a diameter of 0.3 mm wider than the type H outlets.

However, with much force, a type E/F plug can be forced into a type H socket. This is not recommended as the connected appliance would not be earthed, and disconnection will be very difficult.

The type H plug is one of the most dangerous plugs in the world. This is mainly because the plug pins do not have a rubber covering towards the plug’s body.

When the H plug is disconnected halfway, the absence of insulation means the connection is live and poses a risk of electrocution.

This risk is further compounded because type H outlets are not recessed, thus leaving them further exposed.

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