Electrical Outlet/Socket & Power Plug Type J
Electrical Outlet & Power Plug Type J

The electrical outlet and power plug type J are used only in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Switzerland’s type J plug is known as the SN 441011.

It looks similar to the type C plug, but the presence of a grounding pin makes it different. Type J plug has three round pins, each 4 mm thick and 19 mm long.

The neutral and line pins are spaced 19 mm apart. On the power plug, there are insulated sleeves, 10 mm long.

The old model of the type J plug does not have sleeve plugs. The type J plug looks similar to the type N plug, widely used in Brazil.

But the type J plug is incompatible with the type N plug because the type J grounding pin is further from the center of the plug than the type N.

In the type J plug, the middle of the imaginary line connecting the power plug, and the earth pin, has a center-to-center distance of 5 mm. 

The type J plug is used for appliances rated 10 amp. Any appliance rated more than 10 amp has to be connected to the mains with an industrial high power connector or connected to the electrical supply system, with a branch circuit protection.

The type C plug can fit into a type J outlet.

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