Electrical Outlet/Socket & Power Plug Type K
Electrical Outlet & Power Plug Type K

The electrical outlet and power plug type K are used in Denmark and Greenland.

The Denmark type K plug is codified DS 60884-2-D1.

The type K plug is similar to the Type E plug, but unlike the type E plug, the grounding plug in the Type K is mounted on the plug and not in the receptacle.

The U-shaped grounding pin in the plug has a diameter of 6.5 mm, a length of 14 mm, and a thickness of 4 mm.

The line and neutral pins in the plug are 19 mm long, their center separated by 19 mm, and have a diameter of 4.8 mm.

The earthing pin, and the middle of the imaginary line connecting the two power pins, have a center-to-center distance of 13 mm.

The type K plug is rated 16 amps, and a type C socket can fit into its outlet. The Danish type K outlet can accommodate the type E and F plugs.

There’ll be no grounding in the connection of a type E a d F plug in a type K socket, as the type E and F plugs need a male contact.

Due to the fact that numerous Danish import European appliances come with type E and F plugs, the type E and F plugs/sockets were legalized in the country.

So in the not so distant future, the standard European type E and F plug would drive the Danish type K plug into oblivion.

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