Electrical Outlet/Socket & Power Plug Type L
Electrical Outlet & Power Plug Type L

The electrical outlet and power plug type L are mainly used in Italy, Uruguay, Chile and can be loosely found in North Africa.

The Italian type L plugs are known as the CEI 23-16/VII in electrical circles and have two versions, the 10 amp and 16 amp versions.

The 10 amp and 16 amp type L plug have three round pins arranged in a straight pattern. So while their design is similar, the dimension is different.

The difference in dimension between both versions of the L plug is noticeable in their contact diameter and spacing. The 10 amp version of the Type L plug has three round pins, each 4 mm thick and 19 mm long.

The neutral and line pins centers are 19 mm apart, while the center of the two power pins and the grounding pin is 9.5 mm. The 10 amp type L outlet can accept type C plugs.

The 16 amp type L version has three round pins, each 5 mm thick and 19 mm long. The line and neutral pins centers are 26 mm apart.

The center of the power pins and the grounding pin has a distance of 13 mm. Both versions of the type L plugs are symmetrical. Thus, they can be connected in any direction, making them polarised.

Other sockets accept the type C plug, notably the Universal sockets, which are of two types.

The bipasso receptacle, which translates to a twin-gauge outlet, accepts the type C and L plugs. The  Schuko-bipasso receptacle accepts type C, E, F, and L plugs.

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